There are several different names for ghosts including spirit, apparition, soul, spook, specter, phantom, and poltergeist. A ghost is believed to be a representation of the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal. The form the ghost takes varies from invisible, to barely visible to a tangible being that can be easily seen. A poltergeist is a spirit that can physically move objects and is usually associated with a person being haunted rather than a specific location.

Scientific Evidence

Science has concluded that there are no such things as ghosts, and that there is no evidence for the existence of ghosts. Of course, scientists have not been able to prove either that ghosts do not exist. In ancient times, many cultures did believe in the existence of spirits. The cultures would conduct ceremonies to placate the spirits to avoid retribution from the spirits. Some cultures still continue these beliefs and ceremonies today.

A dwelling that has a ghost present is said to be haunted, and the usual belief is that the ghost is a spirit that is trapped on Earth or a spirit that is seeking vengeance. Ghosts are usually associated with a very tragic event, such as a murder. The belief in haunted locations is often taken advantage of and used as a way to attract tourists and tourist money.

Some of the scientists who have studied reports of hauntings and sightings of ghosts believe that the person may actually be hallucinating or responding to changes in magnetic fields or changes in humidity and air pressure. A belief in ghosts may also come down to what a person believes in, such that a person who believes in the afterlife and spirits may be more likely to see or hear something that could be interpreted as a ghost.

Ghost Hunters

People hunting ghosts have been around since the 1920s, and more recently television programs have been made showing ghost hunters searching for ghosts using scientific equipment. The equipment appears to add credence to the notion that ghosts do indeed exist and can be detected using various scientific equipment.

On The Set With “Ghost Hunters”

However, to date, no scientific evidence for the existence of ghosts has been found. That does not mean ghosts don’t exist; it could simply be that we can’t detect them or prove their existence. On the other hand, it may mean that ghosts do not exist and are simply a product of our own minds and responses to subtle changes in the environment.

Whatever the case may be, stories about ghosts and hauntings will continue to flourish and movies and television shows will continue to be made on the subject. People like mysteries, and the paranormal represents a great unsolved mystery for mankind, and besides which people like to watch scary movies and few things are as scary as the unknown or unexpected.

It is up to each person to decide whether they believe in ghosts or not. Either way the mystery surrounding ghosts and hauntings will not go away any time soon.