While we are looking for the truth about the paranormal things, let’s take a look at anthropomorphism. This is the study about the attribution of human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities. This would explain things like believing that the storm was caused by the evil or some supernatural power is making us feel unwell. Adam Waytz from the Northwestern University in Illinois claims that people believe in the paranormal things and ghosts because it puts an order in the universe, and humans cannot handle the random things. As a result, the mind has been proven to invent things to keep a balance that it can understand. That is why it is more likely to see strange phenomena and leads to some people being very superstitious.

Hidden Faces

There have been experiments when people have been asked to look at moving animations while wearing a brain scanner. The researchers found that people who believed in the paranormal things were more likely to have a deeper explanation behind the shapes that they saw. Some people even saw the shapes involved in playing games and interacting with each other.

The further research revealed that those who believed in the paranormal and the supernatural powers were far more likely to see hidden faces in pictures. This could be explained by an active imagination. However, the researchers felt that there was more behind these illusions.

Weaker Cognitive Powers

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam had a theory that believers of the paranormal thigs may have a weaker cognitive inhibition than those who do not believe. This is the brain ability to deny and ignore unwanted thoughts. As a result, all skeptics can block all unwanted thoughts and they can find a rational explanation. The researchers of this university claimed that people who believe in paranormal things have more confidence in the decisions they make, and therefore are less likely to block out ideas about the supernatural and strange events.

This study also has found that superstitions and paranormal beliefs can boost certain skills. Some subjects brought in a lucky token to a memory test, and the results of recollection surpassed many skeptics. Another group were asked to take a skill test of putting a golf ball into a hole, the believers were told they had a lucky ball where the skeptics just had standard golf balls. The results of the believers were much better than the results of skeptics because people believed that some external power was helping them.

The power of suggestion is a great impact. This practice is used by the psychologists of sport as they make athletes to believe in themselves. The same thing happens to people who believe in the paranormal things. However, the researches about the paranormal things has never been fully finished and there are many different opinions about this topic.