Why people still believe in paranormal events in these modern days? Why some things cannot be explained by using the most updated equipment? Many famous people from Winston Churchill at the White House to Arthur Conan Doyle, and even Alan Turing claimed that they have had experiences with spirits and entities. All these people were highly intelligent and well-educated men, and renowned for their razor-sharp way of thinking.

So why they were sure it was a supernatural power?

Recent surveys in the USA have indicated that seventy-five percent of all Americans believe in the paranormal events. And even twenty percent claim that they have had some sort of paranormal experience. Psychologists have tried to explain paranormal sightings and why we can’t shake off old beliefs for years. However, the roots of superstitions are based on folklore. 

The Brain’s Activity

Some paranormal experiences can be explained as a fault of the human brain. Psychologists say that things can be explained by a malfunction in the right hemisphere which is the part of the brain that controls the visual processes. This right hemisphere of the brain is also supposedly connected to forms of epilepsy and could lead to the illusions that something is hiding in the shadows. This theory could explain why some people see poltergeists and other spooky phenomena.

Out-of-Body Experiences

Psychologists also have an explanation for out-of-the-body experiences and put them down to some form of neurological phenomena. These scientific justifications for human behavior are certainly not written down as defacto in every single medical journal. The truth is that knowledge of medicine cannot explain the paranormal things fully. In some ways, doctors can explain a lot of things according to brain activities. On the other hand, they admit that there are so many undiscovered processes as the human brain is very complex. It is true that brains can be fooled by taking drugs, alcohol or just using some specific tricks of light and people can see the illusional things then. This could be used as a reason why people see some paranormal occurrences. But it couldn’t explain the experiences of people such as Conan Doyle, who claimed to see some actions from another world on a daily basis.

A Comfort Shield

Psychologists claim the idea that some people choose to believe in paranormal things because the reality is too scared or difficult to handle for them. This could be caused by the death of a loved person or any other traumatic experience.  The brains of human being always try to recreate the clear order in chaos, as a result, some delusional things can be made by the brain against the human will in order to handle the situation. People who experienced the condition of being out of control cannot truly explain what they felt because everything seemed real to them and they try to recollect what actually happened. The psychologists called it a defense mechanism to protect ourselves. But is it always just a brain disfunction?

To have a broader view, we must look at what religious groups say about the paranormal this. According to them, everything can be explained by goodness and evil. If you believe that everything is based on the theory of heaven and hell, then you should believe that demons and the paranormal things exist. However, this is not very helpful in our quest to find the truth behind the paranormal, so we should to keep searching.