The legends of Korea are insane, some are innocuous, silly, superstitious quirks that ask you to stay away from turning off your fans at night or from red ink. However, most legends from Korea include malevolent stories that stalk you through the streets or in public places at midnight. Korean stories are scary and include a lot of bloody horrors as well. These urban legends include sea creatures, insects and plants invading or running over your body. It is not for a faint heart. These legends trigger deep horrific parts of your life that you would never want to explore.

If you consider yourself to be strong enough, you should seek out the scary Korean stories. These are favorite horror stories made to escape the sweltering heat and humidity of summers in Korea. The horror stories literally simmer the body during summers and present a cold relief. Scary stories and horror films are best enjoyed when there is a drop-in body temperature. This is why when experiencing fear, the energy used by your body is less. A lower body temperature along with a movie watched in a cool theater makes a great combination offering that chilling experience of a great horror flick. On a lighter note, it also means the audience made the right choice to beat the heat of summer.

Some of the Korean Paranormal Entities are:


A Gwishin is a spirit or ghost lingering in the world. Same as other spirits, the Gwishin haunts the living world as it has unfulfilled tasks. In Korea, the gwishin appears in several variations, and the popular ones are seen commonly in dramas and movies.

Cheonyeo Gwishin

A Cheonyeo Gwishin refers to a girl ghost who is a virgin. They appear wearing a ‘sobok’ which is a white hanbok. It is mostly worn during death. The entity is characterized by long black hair following the tradition of wearing hair up as they are single women. Earlier, in the Korean Confucian tradition, it was the duty of a woman to serve her husband, father, and sons. In case the woman dies without fulfilling her role, she is cursed for eternity to walk the earth.  Owing to this, Cheonyeo Gwishin carries anger and bitterness that she haunts the towns and villages of her former families with a desire to cause hardship.

In the past, villagers thought of pacifying the Cheonyeo Gwishin rage by introducing her to a bachelor ghost.  The male Gwishin is referred to as Chonggak Gwishin, and these male ghosts are the ones who die before marriage and now marrying after their death is said to let their soul stay at peace. Ancient rituals try to unite the male and female ghosts so that they remain married happily in their future life and can move away from this realm.

Dalgyal Gwishin

This ghost lives in the mountains. Dalgyal Gwishin has no nose, eyes, or mouth and they also do not have legs and arms. These are the deadly and frightening spirits in Korean folklore, and the Koreans believe that one of these spirits may cause immediate death. It is also said that this ghost haunts hikers traveling in the mountains and even stalk people at night.