The growing obsession with Paranormal Activity

The first Paranormal Activity movie was released in 2007 as an independent movie at a festival. The popularity of this movie grew and now we have several sequels that are sold out the day they appear. But what made this indie movie so popular? The director says that all the events in the movie are inspired from true stories and this is also mentioned at the beginning of each movie. The action focuses on a young couple that moved into a house and they feel like they are haunted. They decide to install a camera that shows that were right. The action itself take place most of the time in their bedroom, the most haunted place in the house that you can think of.

Many critics think quite badly about this movie and the ratings show that it will probably not win the next Academy award. And still, people watch every new movie with a growing interest. Many say that this fuels our curiosity and thirst for knowledge. The movie connects with every person that heard a strange noise or creek in the house and gives an amazing explanation for this. The director is now a millionaire thanks to this obsession that we have for afterlife and spirits.

The growing obsession with Paranormal Activity

Many other TV shows were inspired from Paranormal Activity. We see that spirit realm documentaries evolved from dull explanations to almost a reality show. We see people visiting the most haunted houses, hospitals, sanatoriums, cemeteries and so on. This phenomenon transformed the way we relate to the spirit realm and how close it can actually be. Many critics consider that the success of this movie come from its very simple production. The actors were not famous, they were regular people. The action didn’t take place in a haunted castle that is notorious for the ghosts. The filming method is very simple: a camera installed in a bedroom and another person that is supposed to be the spirit. This very simplicity made this movie much more relatable than other ghost movies. Instead of bringing intricate special effects of a very complicated story, the director kept it very simple and it succeeded.

Another thing that makes this movie very popular is the idea that this could happen to anyone. This young couple didn’t murder anyone and had no open enemies. They just moved in a house that didn’t want them. This fuels our need for confirmation and lets us understand that no matter how average or simple you are, the spirit realm may pay you a nightly visit anytime. Just think that this movie had a modest budget of 15.000 $ and cashed more than 193.000.000 $. This shows that it is one of the most profitable movies in the branch.

Many fan forums and blogs developed from this movie and we can say that it opened a new world of dialogue and support about the encounters with the spirit realm. It will remain popular thanks to our obsession with ghosts and the possibility that there is something after death.