Whenever we think of something spooky, we either think of haunted houses, or creepy clowns or even worse spiders. Now that we have ways of coping with these difficulties, we can’t help but imagine how in the olden days, individuals would have to trust people who they had just met. However, olden folklore added several theories on how to protect yourselves from the paranormal. For example, it was and is still believed that silver and iron can keep the paranormal and supernatural at bay.

Iron and Silver, How Are They Used

Some of the most famous places where people used to protect themselves using iron and silver are shown in houses that have stood for decades. If you enter a home similar to how they were fashioned in the older times, you would see that there would be pure metals all of the place. Iron horseshoes were said to bring luck and keep the paranormal away and was hung above entryways in the house such as the front door. And silver was added to mirrors to see who was a supernatural being as protection. If a person’s reflection didn’t show up on the mirror, they were possessed, or they were evil. 

Myths About Pure Metals

Silver is said to be one of the purest and most effective metals of the paranormal period. This was due to the hoax that silver represented the moon and was the center of all power for the night and all supernatural creatures. This metal was most effective against creatures that lurked in the night such as vampires and werewolves. As a means of defense, many individuals made guns, swords, and other weapons out of iron to drive out evil. They were more commonly called ghost hunters. Another myth about pure metals is the hoax about cold iron. This type of iron was considered the most genuine and most potent of all of the different forms of iron. The metal was said to drive out witches, faeries and other more wicked and more manipulating paranormal beings. Believers would make sure doorways of their house was guarded by iron, or they would carry iron nails to promote good luck while traveling to different locations. Like iron, silver is also used in jewelry and clothing to form protection against evil beings and wicked spirits.

Traps and Precautions

In the paranormal period, hunters and priests would be tasked with finding and getting rid of any evil spirits. Exorcists and faith in the church massively increase at this time and period. As they now believed that there was a higher power that kept them safe and that there was also a place where the bad and sinners were sent. One of the most famous traps and precautions that were used against the paranormal include biking coffins with silver or iron nails to ensure that the dead didn’t rise, and iron could burn witches and faeries. Of course, now there is no way that ghosts exist, showing us that silver and iron are not protective metals.