The amount of paranormal films that have been flocking the silver screen these days is astounding. It is one of the best and most difficult genres to get right. The chances of it being a hit entirely lie in how well the director is able to grip the audience with surprises and great music scores. However not only are they hard to make, but they also consist of storylines that require months worth of planning, sketching and searching. It is due to the effort needed for making such a film that filmmakers are not able to create the perfect ending or beginning in the scores of paranormal movies that come out. Motivation and inspiration is also something hard to come by in modern society, with more people interested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the latest Batman movie rather than a new scary movie. Most of the horror movies seen today have some real-life event that is hidden within it, be it a newspaper article in the movie’s coffee scenes or a direct link to the events. Although some of the scariest films in the world are made from one’s imagination, many of the genuinely terrifying plots that are displayed in horror movies are based on real-life events or stories.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Created in 1984 this movie follows the daily life of some people who are stalked and plagued by a supernatural entity. However, this entity is unlike normal poltergeists and ghosts. Instead, it is a killer. The goal of this supernatural murderer is to murder individuals or prey, in their dreams or during the time in which they sleep. As scary and nerve-wracking as the movie is, it is more terrifying to know that it is based on a true story. The original story was about a strange phenomenon during which Asian refugees would suddenly die in their sleep. Many of the individuals would report that terrifying nightmares always plagued them, some were given sleeping pills to help rest, but after their inevitable deaths after days and sometimes weeks of sleep deprivation, the tablets that were supposedly consumed were found hidden away.

The Conjuring

As one of the most popular horror movies series created by famous director James Wan, the conjuring is well known as a story that is based on actual events. The plotline of the story follows a family as they move into a new home, that is until they uncover a doll that is located in the basement of the home. That is when paranormal activities take place in the house and threaten the family and their safety. The movie was initially based on the experiences of the exorcists in the film, Ed and Lorraine Warren who are real-life people as they investigate the issues and paranormal activities that the family was facing. Not only was the movie based on the story of the family’s experience, the raggedy Anne doll that the Warren’s possessed was used as inspiration for a spin-off film titled Annabelle, which focused more on the backstory, and history of the toy itself.