What Is the Paranormal?

Paranormal activity refers to activities and events that have not been sufficiently or adequately explained based on current scientific knowledge. Paranormal events and activities usually relate to such things as ghosts or apparitions, poltergeists, psychic abilities, cryptid species and UFOs. UFOs are unidentified flying objects, which many people have claimed to have seen. There are quite a number of people in different countries who believe that alien life has visited Earth in some type of aircraft and that that is what these UFOs are.

Cryptid species are creatures that have not been adequately described by the scientific community and include for example the Yeti, the Jersey Devil and Bigfoot, to name a few. Extrasensory perception or ESP is also considered a paranormal activity and includes such concepts as mental telepathy and clairvoyance.

What Is Halloween?

Halloween is a popular celebration in the United States that occurs at the end of October (31 October) each year. Many people actually believe that there is a connection between Halloween and spirits and that paranormal activity and paranormal events greatly increase during this time. There is currently no concrete evidence for this being true. However, Halloween does have its beginnings in festivals related to the spirit world.

Halloween is in fact believed to have come from Samhain, which was an ancient Celtic festival. During Samhain people would dress up and light fires to keep the ghosts and spirits away. They believed strongly in the presence of spirits and that these spirits would cause damage to crops.

How They Relate

Children playing a traditional game of apple bobbing on Halloween. (Photo by In Pictures Ltd.)

By about 1000 AD the church and Christianity had spread to the Celtic people, and it was then that the 2 November was declared All Soul’s Day as a way to remember and honor those who had died. All Saints Day was designated to be held on 1 November to commemorate the saints that had died; this was initially known as All-hallowmas in Middle English. All Hallows’ Eve, which became Halloween, was then naturally celebrated as the day and eve before All-hallowmas.

As more immigrants moved to America from Europe, Halloween became more popular. Halloween is very popular in the United States of America. In America today, Halloween is viewed as a fun time, an excuse to dress up in scary or funny costumes, to go to a party or, if you are a kid, to go trick-or-treating for candy. In the past it was more about witchcraft and the spirits, ghosts and apparitions of the paranormal, but today it is much more focused on having a good time.

Halloween is viewed as a part of childhood in America with throngs of children dressed up in costumes flooding the streets and knocking on doors to get candy from strangers. It is a fun time for all, with adults attending Halloween themed parties, which they themselves attend dressed as ghosts, spirits or some other creepy character. In recent years, politics have crept in with people dressing as politicians or wearing masks of for example, the president of the country.