The American film studio Blumhouse Productions is celebrating the 20th birthday this year. The specialists in horror films have reassigned the genre and led to a new heyday with numerous innovations. The makers are specialized in low-cost production but they always manage to achieve high sales at the box office. As if that weren’t enough, Blumhouse Productions always succeeds in making horror films with high standards. This attitude toward the works made the name of Blumhouse Touch respectful amongst the critics and experts.

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$ 15,000 Grew to $ 193 Million

The American film producer Jason Blum founded the company named after his surname in 2000. The aim was to produce cheap horror strips and achieve the highest possible profitability at the box office. But the success did not come overnight. On the contrary, it took years for Blumhouse Productions to achieve its first projects. The first international sensation made by this studio was released in 2007, and it was a worldwide famous movie Paranormal Activity. The film had been produced for the ridiculously small amount of money of just $ 15,000 and hit the box office like a bomb. Blumhouse Productions posted a gross income of $ 193 million worldwide. Since then, the new masters of modern horror have launched numerous successful films. However, the basic principle of the company has not changed. The cheaply produced and sometimes innovative films regularly become a great success and reimburse many times their costs. The most famous works of this studio include Insidious, Sinister, The Purge, The Visit, Split, the remake of Halloween, Glass, Get Out, The Invisible Man, and The Hunt.

Successful Across All Borders

But the focus of Blumhouse Productions is no longer limited by the genre of horror movies only. If talking about the other genres as well, the studio has long been able to assert itself against the competition and produce one or the other milestone. The best example of this is the musical drama Whiplash. That was also realized with a mini-budget and developed into artistic and financial success. Whiplash got nominations for a total of five Oscars including the best film and the best-adapted screenplay. At the end of the evening, the crew of this movie went home with three of the coveted statuettes including an award for J. K. Simmons for the best supporting actor. In total, the film received over 100 nominations for film and critic awards and won 41 in total. A few years later, the drama BlacKkKlansman by Spike Lee followed this path. It received six Oscar nominations and won the award for the best-adapted screenplay. Spurred on by artistic success, Blumhouse Productions also tried to produce sophisticated TV series. For the filming of Gillian Flynn’s debut at Sharp Objects, the makers succeeded in luring the well-known star Amy Adams. The Loudest Voice brought the story of Fox News maker Roger Ailes to the screens. Both productions turned out to be a great success. So, the future of the unusual film studio seems secure. Jason Blum’s concept has worked completely.

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