India is known as a profoundly religious and spiritual place. More than the people’s mystical beliefs is the fear of the unexplained or the unknown among various towns and villages. This could be seen in the urban legends and regional folklore that have breathed life into frightening entities that many consider as both fearful and entertaining. Here are some of the most thrilling, paranormal tales from India.

Nale Ba – Bengaluru

The Nale Ba is a devious witch among the stories of people from Bengaluru. The Nale Ba apparently knocks on doors and kills the unfortunate people who happen to open the door. In order to be safe from the witch, people have to write the phrase “nale ba” or “come tomorrow” on the front door of their house. Doing so will give them a one-day reprieve from the witch’s attack. Instead of April Fools’ Day, April in Bengaluru is celebrated by some as Nale Ba day.

The Aleya Ghost Lights and Nishi Dak – Bengal

The story of these ghost lights could be had among the region of West Bengal where there are many swamps. The lights are said to appear to lead unwary people away from the safe path and into their untimely doom. According to the villagers in the area, the lights are actually the spirits of dead fishermen. They appear as hazy apparitions that aim to lure people into the depths of the swamps. The Nishi Dak creature is popular in Bengali and its name translates as “the call of the dark.” The meaning of the name of this entity is very apt as it is said that it victimizes people by calling out to them in a familiar voice and afterward killing them. As per usual, the creature attacks at night and using the guise of a familiar voice of a person close to the victim. It leads its prey into a far-off, deserted area, reveals its gruesome true form, and kills its victim.

The Baak and Daula – Assam

The Daula is believed to be a spectre that hurts passing villagers by bending bamboo sticks that fall on the path they are walking on. When people walk over them, they are said to punch people in their gonads. The Daula is rumoured to reside in the village of Assamese. The story of the Baak creature comes from the citizens of Assam. The Baak is said to be a creature that lives in bodies of water and pulls down victims underwater. The Baak appears to be an unappealing, grotesque monster that makes it home in lakes and ponds. The stories emphasise the Baak’s bloodlust and how it takes on the appearance of a previous victim in order to fool more people into becoming its prey.

Muhnochwa – Kanpur

Muhnochwa literally translates to mean a creature that violently scratches the face of its victims. According to accounts from the people of Kanpur, there have multiple deaths in the small town that could be attributed to this creature in the early 2000s. The story goes that the Muhnochwa attacks its victims in the dead of night, surprisingly jumping on them, and consequently scratching the face of its prey beyond recognition.