Paranormal reality shows are usually about teams of investigators hunting for the ghost. Viewers often took to a location that is notoriously haunted and shown footage of the groups spending house trying to get images or sound of spirits in the area. Great paranormal TV shows catch everyone’s attention with the promises of rightful adventures and prove of activity in other realms of existence. Many of today’s most significant and most significant paranormal reality shows owe their success to classical older programs that showed them the way. Unlike other TV shows, paranormal series most time keep their viewers glued by making every episode an exciting one and also keeping them in suspense all through the series. Some even hold revelation of ghosts till the end of the series. Here are some of the best TV shows aired on the TV.


This show has been going for over a decade now and is in its 13th season on tv. It’s a very successful show and a popular one for the Travel Channel. They are a group of ghost hunters that go around to various places looking for ghosts of course. The idea behind it is simple and people love it. The show is now lead by Zak Baggins who was once a wedding DJ but turned into a paranormal investigator after he had a supposed run in with them once. They record each step of his journey through a place in the hopes to find a ghost along the way.


This show first started in 2004 on the Syfy Channel, and it was a huge hit right from the start.  The premise has always been simple, but it had more to offer than the audience was expecting. Each episode usually surrounds a team of investigators who are looking to affirm or debunk claims of ghostly activities in certain areas. At the peak, the show gained up-to 3 million viewers per episode, and they are Syfy’s most extended series of all time. Since its debut, other TV series have copied their style with a similar theme.


Unlike other paranormal programs, the cast of this show consists of Steve Dischiavi, a former NYPD homicide detective, and a physical medium Amy Allan. Each episode the pair travels around to various possible haunted location. Steve is in charge of searching out facts and history along with interviewing experts and witnesses. Amy on our part communicates with the dead to understand the paranormal activity that lies in each location. One thing that keeps the show interesting is that they keep their findings from each other until the ending when they come together to reveal their results to their client.

These are just a few of the most popular tv shows that are now on air about ghosts and paranormal activity, there are many great movies as well that will surely give you a thrill if this is your kind of thing. Are there any other shows that you like to watch about this subject? If so, let us know.