If you are a fan of supernatural and horror movies in general, ghost stories and paranormal stories to be precise, then you already understand how many ghost and paranormal movies have evolved. From films about haunted houses and paranormal activity to film about exorcism, there are a lot of paranormal cinema for you to choose from if you are looking for something terrifying.  Some paranormal film is on actual stories, and some only exist in the movies. Regardless of your choice of what paranormal activity should be like here are some of the best paranormal film available on TV and internet.


The Devil’s Backbone is Spanish-Mexican gothic horror film directed by Guillermo del Toro and written by Antonio Trashorras, Davis Munoz and Del Toro himself. IT was produced independently by Pedro Almodovar and was filmed in Madrid. After the demise of his father, ten-year-old Carlos arrives in Santa Lucia, a shelter, and school for orphans. Admitted by Carmen a tough head teacher and Cesares, a kind professor. Carlos slowly went on to undercover the dark mysteries of the school, for example, Santi, as a student who wanders through the grounds. Guillermo del Toro considered this film his most personal. Like the Pans Labyrinth which came later, the film is a supernatural story with political and human dimension. Each character without excluding the ghost is relatable. The film is an allegory of the Spanish Civil War.


Two renown paranormal investigators, Lorraine Warren and Ed, are called into the house of Carolyn Perron and Roger. The Perrons with their five daughters have just moved into an isolated farmhouse and the begin to get haunted by a demonic presence. The manifestation grew increasingly menacing especially when the Warrens get to know about the history of the house. Conjuring is by far one of the best original movies of the 21st century. Based on the Warrens real-life case files of 1970, it made use of old scares efficiently. Director Wan James knows when to go for an in your face scare and also when to use suggestion correctly. The movie, considered as one of the paranormal film of all time by lovers of a horror movie.


The paranormal activity is about a couple of Micah and Katie who moved into a new home in the suburban. Katie who believes in supernatural is the belief that evil spirits have been following her since her childhood. After several nights of different strange occurrences and abnormal noises, Micah also begins to agree with her. He sets up cameras all over the entire house so that they can capture the spirits. But it led to increasingly terrifying events. Paranormal Activity is responsible for the growing popularity of found-footage horror films, most of which are awful. It has also turned into a subject for jokes and parodies. Despite this, the movie is still frightening with weird anticipation turning into a satisfyingly terrifying climax.