Some people are so concerned that ghosts are not respected enough, that even the special categories such as intelligent spirits, residential spirits, shadow people, and poltergeists were made in order to better understand the differences of each paranormal entity.

Of course, these categories are not scientifically proved as there are no real evidence. It could be said that these categories are as real as Harry Potter is a documentary movie. However, many people all around the world believe in ghosts. As a result, these categories lead to so many contradictions about ghosts and their existence.

Ghost Activity

Rumor has it that ghosts can walk through walls and throw things across a room. Is it mean that ghosts are corporeal or just a fiction? According to logic and physics, ghosts should be some kind of material body and be strong enough to push and throw all material subjects. However, it shouldn’t be possible to walk through the walls in this way.  

Usually, ghosts are shown as corpses of human beings with some old dirty clothes. From the metaphysical point of view, only the living entities can have a soul or spirit and clothes cannot be described as a living subject. After the death, a spirit leaves the dead body, so why ghosts are usually shown with human clothes, canes or hats? And what about the ghost trains? If you start to investigate these things deeper, there are so many illogical and implausible things that make a serious subject sound ludicrous.

Ghost Hunters

Ghost hunters use very questionable equipment to verify the existence of ghosts, and that is why they cannot help to prove the existence of ghosts. There are many researchers who claim that the technology of ghost hunting does not exist, and it is not possible to detect a paranormal entity.

Modern Beliefs

According to statistics, people believe in ghosts because they had some personal experiences, grown up in cursed house with unexplained paranormal activities or just had a ghost tour. These and similar experiences can be so strong and traumatic, that people cannot forget it for the rest of their lives.

However, Albert Einstein suggested a more scientific approach to determine if ghosts were real and this theory was based on the First Law of Thermodynamics. This hypothesis states that if energy could only be changed and not destroyed, something should happen to all bodies after death. Could this prove the existence of ghosts in a scientifically way?

Well, this seems as a reasonable theory, and who could argue with the great Albert Einstein? However, the logical answer to this theory is that when we die the energy simply slips into the environment. But the energy as a separate subject is the most interesting part of this theory. Does the energy stay on earth as a spirit or ghost? Undoubtfully, this is the most reasonable explanation that ghosts can exist.