If you believe in ghosts, then you are certainly not the only one. Different cultures and religions believe in good and bad spirits that experience another existence after the natural death of human being body. Ghosts are the most widely accepted phenomena out of all paranormal things. Statistically, half of all Americans believe in ghosts. The idea that the dead one came back and exists amongst the livings is very old and is fragmented in drawings, songs, poems and stories. Ghosts have been featured in different shapes or forms from the ancient Egyptian scriptures to novels of modern authors. Obviously, believing in ghosts is just a part of a much larger sphere of all paranormal things including the attempts to communicate with spirits.

Communicating With Ghosts

Trying to communicate with ghosts has been a goal for thousands of years. Some extra gifted individuals called mediums/ physics have been helping people to reach out to the other side. However, most of them are more than charlatans and fairground gypsies.

These activities were so popular in in Victorian times. The upper-class ladies and gentlemen were organizing the special parties with the sessions of occult. These parties were called the ghost clubs and they became so popular that even prestigious universities such as Oxford and Yale were organizing these clubs. The most prominent club was founded in 1882 by medium Eleanor Sidgwick and was named The Society for Psychical Research. The abilities of Ms. Sidgwick is a matter of disputes and her activity is considered as a fraud today.

Ghost Hunting

The activity of ghost-hunting when an investigator tries to catch some paranormal phenomenon and make a video became so popular after very popular after the modern TV show called Ghostbusters that has been running for two decades. Later, there were many other similar shows and movies.

The Logic About Ghosts

Some different theories about the paranormal activities always point towards ghosts. The most popular speculations are that ghosts took your keys or there is a ghost if you found an unexpected cold area in your home. Two sociologists who were investigating the haunting process in everyday life, found out that people were uncertain of their experiences and not sure what they saw. Usually ghosts are imagined as a big white figure and people claimed about unexpected or unusual shapes and figures.

Scientific equipment has been brought into the fray to prove that ghosts exist, but there is no universal description of what a ghost is. Therefore, investigators are looking for something different what is based on their imaginations. How can this bring any real evidences? There are many argues that ghosts are the spirits of dead people or some telepathic entities that are projected from our minds. You can answer to yourself if you believe in them.