Do mysterious objects suddenly appear and disappear? Is there such a thing as life after death or reincarnation? What happens when animals die, do hunted houses exists? These are some of the questions that have troubled man’s very existence. It is one of the most controversial issues mankind has had to put up with for hundreds of years. It has tampered with the religious belief system of many, shook the stand (opinion) of philosophers and of cause, increased the fear and anxiety of the yellow at heart (cowards). It is the phenomena “paranormal”. This kind of phenomena has sprung up lots of questions, questions that are difficult to answer even by most of the world’s greatest scientists, geographers, even some of the most respected soothsayers and diviners had been unable to really explain what this means. In this piece, I will be trying to explain what I had researched on about what paranormal really means. As the name implies, some may take the events that surrounds this phenomenon as normal, while others may see it as something not normal but almost close to normal, thus, trying to justify the name “paranormal”.

The term paranormal has existed in English language since 1920. The word consists of two parts: para and normal. The definition implies that the scientific explanation of the world around us is “normal” and anything that is above, beyond or contrary to that is “para”. This includes belief in ghosts, faith healing, human auras, astrology and so forth. The explanation for these allied phenomena is also known as psychic forces. A perfect example of the paranormal myth is Halloween, on this night it is believed that the world of the living and the dead coexist as a single unit. Vampires, monsters, the dead etc roam freely amongst the human. But the question is, do people really believe in all this stuff?

More than two-third of American has paranormal beliefs and research shows that the interest is only expected to increase with the growth of population. According to National Study of Youth and Religion (NSYR), paranormal beliefs among teenagers shows that many are open to believe in psychics, astrology etc, few definitely believe in paranormal experiences, a large minority say “maybe” when asked. And very few accept the idea of paranormal.

However, religious views have struggled to come to a comprise on the subject of paranormal. Research from Dr. Philip Schwadel a researcher with NSYR at the University of North Carolina also shows that people who engage in religious activities are less likely to believe in paranormal activities than those who partially participate or do not participate at all. Science has had its chance against paranormal and still has no prove or solid explanation for some of these happenings. It places mankind in a dilemma, a state of confusion as to whether or not to agree with this ideology. Although the majority of the earth’s population believe in paranormal, our personal opinions still matter on the subject of paranormal. A lot of studies can still be carried out on this phenomenon, it has been really established that no one has really come up with a real explanations to this paranormal events, but studies are still going on to proffer better solution and understanding to this.